Care instructions

You have just purchased a garment made from a selection of quality fabrics and tailored with the greatest care.

In order to preserve the original properties of the garment, we recommend following the care instructions on the composition label. Care instructions are shown with symbols which mean the following.

Backed by our 70 years of experience in producing underwear, ready-to-wear fashions and also clothing for professionals, we would like to give you a few tips that will allow you to keep your item looking new for as long as possible.

Guide for care symbols

Symbols underlined with one bar indicate the necessity of a milder mechanical process.
Symbols underlined with two bars indicate the necessity of a very mild mechanical process.
Do not wash with water Machine wash at 30°C Machine wash at 60°C
Hand wash   Machine wash at 40°C Machine wash at 95°C
     No bleaching                                        Bleaching (and peroxide) allowed      Use only oxygen bleaches          
     Do not tumble dry                                       Dry at a low temperature (50°C)             Dry at a normal temperature (70°C)
    Do not steam or iron                                         Iron at 110°C (steam not recommended)     Iron at 150°C                                     

     Iron at 200°C                                           Warning: Do not steam iron textiles containing acrylic or modacrylic fibers. 

Do not dry clean with a                               solvent You may dry clean with any solvent except trichlorethylene You may dry clean with any petroleum solvent            


Guidelines and tips

  • Scrupulously follow the care instructions

    They indicate the most suitable temperature and wash cycle .
  • Choose the right cycle on your washing machine according to the composition of the item and the coulors

    Your machine has different cycles suitable for all kinds of textiles (wool cycle, gentle cycle, cotton cycle, synthetic cycle...)
    Do not mix whites with dark or bright colors.

  • Wash and iron inside out

    This will protect your garment from pilling, fading, and/or dulling.
    This will protect serigraphs and accessories (buttons, beads,...) from mechanical aggressions.

  • Adjust the amount of detergent to the degree of soiling of the laundry, the amount of load, and to the harness of the water in your region

    Today’s detergents are very efficient but using too much can harm colors and natural textile fibers.
    See instructions for your detergent on the back of the packaging.
    Contact your city hall for information concerning the hardness of your water.

  • Choose the right detergent for your laundry

    Detergent manufacturers have developed specific products for every type of textile:

    • “Classic” detergents are efficient for removing stains and bleaching;
    • “Color” detergents protect colors;
    • Special detergents for “black” fabrics preserve the intensity of black and dark colors;
    • Special detergents for “delicate” fabrics protect animal fibers (wool, silk).
  • Air dry rather than tumble dry even if the care label allows it

    Clothes dryers wear your clothes more quickly.

  • Do not use softeners on waterproof breathable fabrics

    Softeners block the pores of the membranes which then lose their breathability.

  • Use a mild iron (110°C) on the outside of waterproof fabrics when the care label allows it

    Ironing will reactivate the water repellency of the fabrics.

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